It all started when…

a friend and I recorded ourselves playing with my grandmothers 1990 Casio keyboard on a cassette tape. Later on down the road, I purchased a usb keyboard that came with music software that allowed me to mix and edit what I produce. Thus the thirst began/ I started researching all I could on Digital Music Production & came upon Reason.  I purchased Reason version 4 back in 2006 and have not left the program since.  2011 I attended Minneapolis Media Institute for my Audio Engineer Degree.  After graduating I took a trip to Sweden to meet the makers of this beautiful product. After doing so, I started Waterman Productions L.L.C in 2013.  Fast forward to the present day/2018 I am following my dreams once more, packing up an moving back to Sweden.  I love hitting the slopes and creating those notes!  I am here today to provide the best quality listening to all music lovers.